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Qualifying Requirements for Certification
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To qualify for an Associate Constructor or Certified Professional Constructor examination, you must meet minimum Qualifying Education and Experience Requirements.  Below you will see how your experience and education can be used to qualify for an examination.  


Qualifying Experience Definitions

Executive, Supervisory and Project Management Work
Full Credit: 1 Year of Real World Work = 1 Qualifying Year
Direct and/or executive level supervision of any of the following areas: estimating, quality control, project engineering, scheduling, project management, operations management, operations executive, and/or project management (excluding accounting, marketing, and other support areas not in the direct line of the construction process)

Technical Work
Partial Credit: 1 Year of Real World Work = 3/4 Qualifying Year
Construction related work such as estimating, quality control, scheduling, architecture and/or project engineering.

Partial Credit: 1 Year of Real World Work = 3/4 Qualifying Year
Management level work in areas supporting the construction process, including purchasing, finance, safety, and/or marketing.

Partial Credit: 1 Year of Real World Work = 3/4 Qualifying Year
Teaching construction coursework at a post-secondary institution or conducting construction research within a governmental agency or university setting. Conducting peer-reviewed academic research related to construction.

Supervision of Specialty Trades
Partial Credit: 1 Year of Real World Work = 3/4 Qualifying Year
Direct, first-line management of craft persons, including foremen, general foremen, and craft superintendents.


Qualifying Education Definitions

“Qualifying Education” is formal education (such as at an accredited University or other full-time learning) that counts towards your qualification requirements to sit for the exams.Neither the AC nor the CPC exam have a minimum educational requirement, so you may take the exams if even you have no academic degrees. But, if you do not have any Qualifying Education then you must make up the difference with Qualifying Experience.Years of Qualifying Education are counted as follows:

2 Years – Graduate degree in a construction or management program, such as MS, MBA, PhD, etc.(Note that the Bachelor’s Degree that preceded the graduate degree counts for additional years of qualifying education)
4 Years – Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited construction program, such as Construction Management
3 Years - Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited construction-related program, such as Architecture or Civil Engineering
2 Years – Any other 4-year degree
2 Years - Associate degree from an accredited program with a concentration in construction.
1 Year – Associate degree not related to construction
No Credit –High School and Vocational School.

Graduating College Seniors: Level 1 (AC) Applicants that are within 12 months of graduating from a 4-year construction management bachelor’s degree program may apply as if they had 4 years of Qualifying Education. Such applicants may take and pass the exam, but will not be certified until the 4-year degree is complete, or until they earn at least 1 year of Qualifying Experience. 







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